In the UK, and especially within West Mercia Police, we continue toshow our commitment to all minority communities. We have recently begun a series of Police and Communities Together (PACT) meetings at LGBT social venues, which has allowed us to increase confidence in local policing. It also gives individuals a voice to address issues directly with us. We are also committed to stamping out hate crime. We will not tolerate any individual being targeted for who they are or what they represent. We support the True Vision website, which allows members of the public to report hate crime online ( West Mercia Police supports the Rainbow Film Festival and looks forward to a programme of entertaining and challenging films.

Hate Crime Video

Please view and share this video ( of Chief Constable David Shaw discussing hate crime with Rich Hadley, chair of the West Mercia LGBT Independent Advisory Group. Take the opportunity to follow the West Mercia LGBT Independent Advisory Group on Facebook too (