We think long and hard about what our audience would like and what other people are doing locally and nationally in the LGBTQ+ community. There is always something new to think about. We’ve been around for quite a long time now and we adapt as best we can e.g. to the mainstream screening of more LGBTQ+ interest films, Netflix..the change in perspectives LGB to LGBTQ , Queer, non binary etc. Also, of course, the impact of Covid 19.

We work together cooperatively, there are key tasks i.e. liaising with our screening venues, fundraising, putting a programme together and promotion; one or two of us will take the lead for each area, working with other volunteers as needs be.

Then we try and find LGBTQ+ films that fit in with our aims (entertain, educate, challenge and change): some are submitted to us, e.g. via FilmFreeway, we Google, follow twitter, read LGBTQ+ magazines, go to festivals, chase up recommendations and keep an eye on the likes of Peccadillo & TLA Releasings.

We request copies of films we like the look of or, if the film has already been released on DVD, then purchase it (we like to support independent stores where we can eg ‘Gays the Word’)

If the film hasn’t yet been released on DVD then we try to get a screener. Sometimes a Director or Producer will be very generous in dealing with us, when they know what we are about.                                 

Watching films of interest to us is really important; both features and shorts. We then agree on the films and then craft a programme; this may be a stand alone film event or in conjunction with another event or organisation e.g. LGBT+ History Month.

We work closely with our local venues: the Old Market Hall and the Hive. Also Kinokulture in Oswestry. It’s really important to us that we do justice to the hard work done by the film makers and screen their films to the best standards we can find

Obtain licences is essential; we do not just buy a dvd and press play. We respect that film makers are entitled to a return for all their work and we obtain a licence from film distributors to show films to a public, paying audience.

With all the different venues we use we try to reach agreements that are fair to all parties. We need venues that are accessible to all and where LGBTQ+ people in particular, will feel safe and comfortable. The Hive, the Old Market Hall and Kinokulture are all very welcoming and pleasant venues to use and work with.

We advertise and promote our events as widely as we can; all around Shropshire & the West Midlands. We have promoted our events at Prides,  other LGBTQ+ events and genrally within our communities.