2014 Film Festival Programme – Saturday 18th October 2014 @ 10:00
The Gateway Education & Arts Centre
2013, Poland, 2 min 16 sec
Director: Albert Bana
“Previous Polish community campaigns against homophobia focused on defending its victims – LGBTQ individuals ( lesbian, gay , bisexual , transgender and queer ). Our spot shows homophobia from the “other side “, proving that a homophobe and his environment also become the victim.” 

In the form of a trailer for a thriller movie about a man living in danger and stress, which eventually leads him to catastrophe. However, unlike in a typical action movie trailer, in this film the sole oppressor is the hero himself and his homophobic obsession.
Produced by: Ivo Krankowski – LaCamera Independent
Directed by: Albert Bana
Written by: Mateusz Pacewicz
DOP: Tadeusz Kieniewicz
With the support of the Canadian Embassy in Poland, Campaign against homophobia and the postproduction studio CHIMNEY.