2014 Film Festival Programme – Wednesday 15th October 2014 @ 19:30
The Sitting Room, Ludlow

2013, UK, 27 min
Director: Gabriel Henrique Gonzalez
Screening alongside ‘Jayson Bend: Queen and Country’, Hideaway will be screened at our first “Shropshire Rainbow Film Festival Plus” screening, a series of events that will bring our festival to venues across Shropshire, making the film festival a truly “Shropshire” event.  The first event will be in Ludlow.
A dark criminal element frames this story of unlikely friendship between two young women set against the stunning Devonshire countryside. Phoebe is forced into kidnapping the daughter of a local businessman, Jessica, by a gang of drug dealers looking for Phoebe to pay off her debts following a catastrophic drug deal. After absconding with Jessica to the country Phoebe must decide whether she will turn Jessica over to the gang, or if she will carry on running away from her problems back in the city.

Director Bio
Gabriel Henrique Gonzalez, is a writer/director from London. Not only producing, writing and directing his own projects, Gabriel also works in the feature film industry and has worked on various projects in many different capacities since graduating with a degree in English Language & Literature in 2009. Some of the names he has worked for include Ron Howard and Sir Anthony Hopkins.