Shropshire Rainbow Film Festival are in the top 50 local charities chosen by the Shropshire Star. We are in line for a share of the £20,000 to be shared among local groups. This is the first time that an LGBT+ group has been selected!! Apart from being funds that are needed to ensure the continuation of the Festival (now in it’s 12th year!), it will be a great achievement for the LGBT+ community in Shropshire!
We need your help! We have to collect over 500 tokens, in order to receive a share…the more we collect, the more we get! The tokens will be in the Shropshire Star from March 2nd to April 8th.  Our collection point is The Old Market Hall.

You don’t need to purchase the Shropshire Star!

People anywhere in the UK can write in, as long as the letter arrives by 5 pm,  8th March, requesting a full set of tokens, stating who they wish to nominate! No purchase necessary!!
These will be counted and added to the actual tokens collected by us…up to the amount collected..
The letter, one per household, must contain the name of the person involved, full name and address, with postcode and signed in person. This should be sent to:
Cash for your Community, Circulation Department, Shropshire Star, Waterloo Road, Ketley, Telford, TF1 5DT.
We have made a template you can fill in – download it here.
Thank you in anticipation of your support for the Festival and the LGBT community.
Shropshire Rainbow Film Festival