Clip Lecture – A Romp Through Classic Camp

Saturday 6th October 2018, 19:00-20:15


‘Camp can represent a bold gesture of pride and defiance; a frivolous flight of fancy; a (bad) taste for stylistic excess; a shared sense of carefully cultivated humour that crosses generations, and more! It cannot be easily pigeon holed, but at the same time, it is laden with cliché. As a cornerstone of gay culture for many decades, this clip lecture will explore some of the big camp hitters that have stood the test of time, and at least one that hasn’t! Taking in the ‘film sissy’ of the 1920s and 30s, Carmen Miranda, classic musicals, drag on screen, Carry On, Elizabeth Taylor, queer arthouse movies, and peplum, there is something to wet everyone’s whistle in A Romp Through Classic Camp!’.
This lecture featured at BFI Flare 2017 and we are delighted Zorian Clayton has agreed to bring it to Shropshire.