Saturday 6th October 2018, 13:30-14:30
Part of the UK Short Film Programme


Year: 2017
Country of Origin: UK
Length: 4 mins
Director: Beth Stokes
FYI – this short does have some bad language and potentially a “15”.


A non-fiction short following drag queen Candy Fierce, promoting a message of self-love and body positivity; defying social expectations and traditional norms surrounding body image.


Beth Stokes

First time director, Beth Stokes has been passionate about non-fiction film and is excited to have worked on their student film ‘CANDY’, a documentary about body positivity through the mouthpiece of a drag queen. Being a part of the LGBT+ community herself, Stokes is passionate about promoting the community in a positive way, hoping to incorporate this into all of her films. A graduate of the BFI Film Academy, Stokes has worked on several BFI/NFTS productions including ‘Jigsaw’ 2015, and ‘Grace’ in 2016 as a sound mixer and recordist.
“I wanted my first film to document talking about body-image and insecurity through the mouthpiece of an individual one would assume would be the most confident; a drag queen. Being a member of the LGBT+ community myself, I really wanted to explore drag and the world of appearances within drag but through Sam, the drag queen called ‘Candy Fierce’ in my documentary; I found an unlikely kindred spirit in the sense that he had come through the other end of the big problems I was having at the time. I believe the message of this film is incredibly important and I hope it inspires some people to become more confident, or a the very least think a little better about themselves and have fun whilst they do it.”