The Shropshire Rainbow Film Festival was approached in the planning of this event and we’re so pleased that local people are taking part. Join them.

Growing up queer in a rural town can make you feel like ‘the only gay in the village’. TV and film can become key for young LGBTIQ+ people living in the back of beyond and where real life representation and visibility is thin on the ground. But the queers we see onscreen are often out-and-proud urbanites, moving in circles of glitter and fabulousness – not traipsing round fields and googling ‘how d’you know you’re gay?’. Queer and Pleasant Land is a panel discussion exploring cinematic answers to the question: what does it mean to be queer in a rural community? How can we ensure that rural queers see themselves on screen? And how do we bust the stereotype that you can only be gay if you’ve got an Oyster card and prove that a Drag Queen can rock a wellington boot?