At Kinokulture, Oswestry

Friday October 22nd

The Mayor of Oswestry and his Mayoress will open the weekend of the Festival at Kinokulture @ 7.30pm.

Found Family, U.S, Short film (12mins)

Found Family follows teenager Elyse trying to navigate coming out to her homophobic parents and wanting to meet her long distance girlfriend for the first time.

Sweetheart, 2021, U.K, Drama (1h 43mins) – Start 7.30pmFinish approx. 9.25pm

Having been forced to go on holiday, 17-year-old April (Nell Barlow) – who insists on being called AJ – is in a permanent state of annoyed as she’s made to spend quality time with her mum (Jo Hartley), her little sister Dayna (Tabitha Byron), her older, pregnant sister Lucy (Sophia Di Martino) and Lucy’s boyfriend Steve (Samuel Anderson).

Sweetheart | Official Trailer

Saturday October 23rd

Rhiw Goch/On the Red Hill, U.K, Short film (9mins) – tbc

The intimate story of a Welsh farmhouse that was passed down a generation thanks to an unlikely friendship.

Rhiw Goch/On the Red Hill | Trailer
My Beautiful Laundrette, 1985, U.K, Romance/Drama (1h 38mins) – Start 7:30pmFinish approx. 9.20pm

During a street fight, Omar bumps into his former lover Johnny. The two rekindle the romance between them and manage Omar’s uncle’s laundrette, but various social issues stand in their way of success.

My Beautiful Laundrette | Official Trailer

Sunday October 24th

Before the Eruption, Spain, Short film (9mins)

Although a volcanic eruption can occur without any prior signal, volcanoes will most likely issue different types of warnings before the eruption begins. We barely saw it coming.

Oliver Sacks: His Own Life, 2019, U.K, Documentary 1h 54mins – Start 2pmFinish approx 4.05pm

Friends, family members, colleagues and patients discuss the remarkable life and career of Dr. Oliver Sacks.

Oliver Sacks: His Own Life | Official trailer