Sunday 13th October 2012 – 10.30pm,
The Hive.

Not Certified – Contains sexual images
Written & Directed by Stien Weijers

A very short short!! An animated satire of the muscular ideal beauty within the mainstream gay scene.


The inspiration for this short animated film came from frequenting gay circuit parties. To my growing astonishment everybody there looked alike, primarily bare-chested and pumped up muscles. Even more amazing to me were their extreme dieting habits to accomplish this look. The finely chiselled men will fast for a week to empty their bowels and dehydrate themselves to have a more dry muscular look. Appearances do matter, but at what cost?

This is the first animated film I produced, while volunteering at the Amsterdam gay television network MVS Gaystation. The response was very positive from viewers who happened to see it over the few months it was televised. Currently I am working on the script for an erotic lesbian animation film.

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