Dirty Talk

Short Film: (Saturday 17th October, 16:30 – The Old Market Hall Cinema). A recently-single but conservative English teacher, tells his best friend Zach (about a one-night stand with a hot Latin man who pushes his limits in the bedroom.


Short Film: Luca takes his long-term relationship with Felix for granted until a freak accident changes everything. Screening as part of Rainbow Shorts at the Ludlow Fringe Festival.

Motionless Explosions

Short Film: A short neo noir with motion comic elements that focuses on the life of gay people in the fictitious city of Hasaluth somewhere between 1948 and 1958. Screening as part of Rainbow Shorts at the Ludlow Fringe Arts Festival.


Sunday 13th October 2013 – 6:30pm, The Old Market Hall. Fabulous stereotyping of everyone! Straight Jenn calls in a college-days promise, made by gay Matt…

Stud Life

Sunday 13th October 2013 – 4:30pm, The Old Market Hall. This sexy, gritty film based in the London underworld of Black street culture pulls no punches.

Out In East Berlin

Sunday 13th October 2013 – 1:30pm, The Old Market Hall. Archive news footage and excerpts from old GDR newsreels illustrate the historical dimension of these individual biographies.

(A) Typical Couple

Short Film: A typical day in a typical life of a typical couple trying to communicate their way through their typical relationship. Screening at “Rainbow Shorts” at the Ludlow Fringe Festival 2015