Saturday 7th September 2013 – 8pm
The Hive.
Certificate – 18
Director: David Lambert
French (with English Subtitles)
Paulo first meets Ilir in the bar where he works. When Ilir offers to take Paulo back to his flat because he is too drunk to get home, they find the attraction almost too much to bear. Despite an initial hesitation the two grow closer and experiment in a sensual world neither knows much about. Whilst at first they fill their days getting to know each other's bodies and pushing their own limits and boundaries, the intensity of their relationship eventually becomes too much. Their love is severely tested by a dramatic series of events and when Ilir ends up in prison, Paulo is forced to become independent.
BEYOND THE WALLS charts an intense sexual relationship and was officially selected during Critic's Week at Cannes. David Lambert's first feature is for fans of recent gay classics like WEEKEND and KEEP THE LIGHTS ON and sees an incredibly personal look at a challenging relationship which resonates with us all.

Co do zasady twoje dane osobowe będą przez nas wykorzystywane wyłącznie na nasz własny użytek. Ze względu na jego Generyczna Levitra – Wardenafil zastosowanie ciągle doskonali się metody syntezy oraz bada wpływ na organizm o czym świadczą liczne publikacje naukowe.