Director: Roger Scott
Country of origin: Australia

Luca takes his long-term relationship with Felix for granted until a freak accident changes everything. Waking up from a coma Luca discovers to his horror that he has become straight. Alone in a strange world Luca must fight to reclaim his gayness and his relationship.

The Director

Roger Scott
Roger's earliest film memories are of seeing Phar Lap and Blue Thunder from the back seat of the family's Kingswood at the local drive-in cinema. Other than occasional appearances in Super-8 home movies and a steady diet of Chuck Norris and David Attenborough movies not much happened in Roger's film making career until he chanced upon a one week film making course which caused him to start pursuing directing as a career. Since then he has been eagerly writing and directing a range of projects including Scone Wars and GPS.

Shropshire Screenings

  • 2013 Shropshire Rainbow Film Festival -Sunday 13th October 2013 – 9.45pm, The Hive.
  • Rainbow Shorts at the Ludlow Fringe Festival 2015 – Sunday 21st June 2015 – 19:30 The Blue Boar

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