Saturday 17th October 2015, 16:30

The Old Market Hall Cinema
Certificate: Not Certified

Short film accompanying Jason Bend: Queen & Country

Year: 2012
Country of Origin: United States of America
Length: 12 min
Director: Jeffrey Sumner



Nathan (Jeff Sumner), a recently-single but conservative English teacher, tells his best friend Zach (Jason Boegh) about a one-night stand with a hot Latin man (Claude Knowlton) who pushes his limits in the bedroom. Based on actual events, Nathan struggles through the encounter when the man blurts out a clever name he has for a certain part of his anatomy.

Director Biography

“I’m sorry…your WHAT?” is Nathan’s response to the naked man laying before him after he calls a part of his anatomy a very special name. I wish I could take full credit for writing this moniker, but in fact this really did happen to me in three very awkward sexual experiences I had years ago. In creating the short sex-comedy “Dirty Talk”, I wanted to write a funny piece that was quick, witty and character-driven that captured the ridiculousness of a sexual encounter of two mismatched people. This movie is dedicated to anyone who does not always have “porn-perfect” sex and who can’t wait to tell their best friend about the hideousness they just encountered. The moral of the story is: be careful what you say in the bedroom…because it might very well end up in a movie.
Dirty Talk Festival Screenings

  • Cinema Diverse Palm Springs Int’l LGBT Film Festival
  • Out on Film Atlanta
  • Long Island LGBT Film Festival
  • Tampa Int’l LGBT Film Festival
  • Sacramento Int’l LGBT Film Festival
  • OUTrageous Santa Barbara LGBT Film Festival
  • Spokane GLBT Film Festival
  • Out in the Desert: Tucson LGBT Film Festival
  • UO 21st Annual QueerFest
  • QueensWorld Film Festival New York
  • LA Cinema Festival of Hollywood
  • NYC Downtown Short Film Festival
  • Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
  • Boston LGBT Film Festival
  • FilmOut San Diego
  • QFest St. Louis
  • Out Film CT

Dirty Talk Awards

  • “Festival Favorite”- Cinema Diverse Palm Springs Int’l LGBT Film Festival
  • “Audience Award for Short Film”- Sacramento Int’l LGBT Film Festival
  • “Best Comedy Film”- Out in the Desert Tucson Int’l LGBT Film Festival
  • “Best Comedy Film” – NYC Downtown Short Film Festival
  • Previously screened at the Shropshire Rainbow Film Festival on Sunday 13th October 2013 – 6:30pm