Sunday 14th October 2012 – 4.30pm
The Old Market Hall
Certificate: 15
A tale of star-crossed lovers with a difference, Sabine Bernardi’s richly textured ode to teenage love takes a fresh and unique look at a romantic encounter that transcends boundaries. When 20-year-old Lukas arrives in Cologne, a summer of late nights, clubs heaving with hot guys and insurmountable self-discovery awaits. You see, Lukas has a heavy secret that he has chosen to leave behind, and best friend Ine knows this too well. Like most young adults their age, the pair indulge in parties and alcohol with abandon, helping Lukas to overcome what makes him different from everyone else. However, when hunky neighbourhood catch Fabio appears, a heated attraction between the two boys gradually develops – until Fabio accesses the secret of Lukas’s identity. Despite their differences, will love conquer all?

An extremely well made and touching film which shows a person in mid-transition dealing with all their relationships – family, friends and romance.

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Screening sponsored by the
Shropshire Equalities Forum