Year: 2018


Short Film: (Sunday 7th October, 13:30). Part of the International Short Film Programme – In celebration of his birthday, a young boy, Stratis, is excited to get a new pet fish. His father, a staunch, rough around the edges conservative takes him to the pet store but ends up disappointed in his son’s choice. With all the gladiator fish he could choose from, the young boy selected a chubby goldfish. During their return home, the boy declares that his goldfish is gay but the father just won’t have it…

Beached Whale

Short Film: (Saturday 6th October, 13:30). Part of the UK Short Film Programme – When Elaines husband dies, leaving her a map and directions to where he would like his ashes to be scattered, she sets out on a road trip with her best friend, Lois, leaving their quiet village in South Wales for the Yorkshire Dales.