Directors: Maša Zia Lenárdič & Anja Wutej
Country of origin :Slovenia
Slovene with English Subtitles

A typical day in a typical life of a typical couple trying to communicate their way through their typical relationship.
(A)Typical note: The film was shot, directed, acted, produced and edited by only two people.


The Directors

Maša Zia Lenárdič & Anja Wutej
We believe there are not enough positive lesbian films out there, which portray real lesbians instead of showing them as weird, psychotic and crazy people. We have had enough of lesbian vampires and lesbian psychopaths. People need to see some real life, encouraging and cheery stories, they need to know that being a lesbian is a good thing, it does not involve any less cheerfulness, happiness and joy than being a heterosexual individual. Lesbians can be as happy as anyone else. That is why we decided to make a short documentary about how awesome a day in the real life of lesbians can be.

Previous Screenings

GAZE Film Festival Dublin (Ireland, August 2013), Q Fest Houston (USA, July 2013), FEMINA: Festival Internacional de Cinema Feminino (Brazil, July 2013), Rio Festival Gay de Cinema (Brazil, July 2013), Festival de Cine LesBiGayTrans de Asunción (Paraguay, July 2013), Ayvalik International Film Festival (Turkey, June 2013), Festival de Cine y Diversidad Sexual de La Paz (Bolivia, June 2013), Durban Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (South Africa, June 2013), Connecticut Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (USA, June 2013), Kyiv International Queer Film Festival (Ukraine, May 2013), Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival (India, May 2013), Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival (Turkey, May 2013), Mujeres En Foco International Film festival (Argentina, May 2013), Pink Apple Film Festival (Switzerland, May 2013), Cinhomo LGBT Film Festival (Spain, April 2013), Polish LGBT Film Festival (Poland, April 2013), Queer Festival Heidelberg (Germany, April 2013), Davis Feminist Film Festival (USA, April 2013), Women's Film Festival (USA, March 2013), Vues Parallèles LGBT Film Festival (Canada, March 2013), Dyke Drama Short Film Festival (Australia, February 2013), Bangalore Queer Film Festival (India, February 2013), Festival Por Amor Al Arte (Spain, February 2013), Zinegoak Bilbao International GLT Film Festival (Spain, January-February 2013), Omovies Homosexual and Questioning Film Festival (Italy, December 2012), Sardinia Queer Short Film Festival (Italy, November 2012), ProFire Short Film Festival (Scotland, November 2012).

Shropshire Screenings: