Category: The 2018 Film Festival Programme

Clip Lecture – A Romp Through Classic Camp

Lecture: (Saturday 6th October, 19:00) – This clip lecture will explore some of the big camp hitters that have stood the test of time, and at least one that hasn’t! Taking in the ‘film sissy’ of the 1920s and 30s, Carmen Miranda, classic musicals, drag on screen, Carry On, Elizabeth Taylor, queer arthouse movies, and peplum, there is something to wet everyone’s whistle in A Romp Through Classic Camp!’.

A Fantastic Woman

Feature Film: (Sunday 7th October, 15:00) – A FANTASTIC WOMAN – Marina’s life is thrown into turmoil following the death of her partner. Mourning the loss of the man she loved, she finds herself under intense scrutiny from those with no regard for her privacy.

Alaska Is A Drag

Feature Film: (Saturday 6th October, 20:30)– ALASKA IS A DRAG – An aspiring drag superstar is offered the chance to leave his drudge job at the local cannery behind when he’s taken under the wing of the local boxing coach. He’ll have to contend with the local homophobes and his mysterious new sparring partner if he’s to win a shot at stardom and escape his Alaskan life.

In Between (Bar Bahar)

Feature Film: (Sunday 7th October, 11:00) – IN BETWEEN – Three strong minded Palestinian women share an apartment in Tel Aviv and find themselves free to pursue the unfettered lives and relationships they aspire to, but these women are caught in the constant battle between the modern world and their conservative culture.


Feature Film: (Sunday 7th October, 17:30) – MARIO – Two rising football players with a chance at the Swiss National league find their future careers in jeopardy when they begin to fall for each other, open homosexuality still a taboo in their professional sports world.