Year: 2017

Trouser Bar

Short Film: (Saturday 7th October, 17:30). Screening prior to Théo & Hugo. The film is set in a men’s clothing shop in 1976, the year in which the screenplay was written by an esteemed lover of corduroy who for legal reasons can not be named.


Short Film: (Saturday 7th October, 17:30). Screening prior to While You Weren’t Looking. 1997 China is a place of transitions. Control of Hong Kong has just returned to the mainland. Western values are beginning to impact traditional Chinese values.


Short Film: (Sunday 8th October, 13:30). Part of the International Short Film Programme – Hava’s brothers decide to divide their paternal property. According to traditional customs, the right to inheritance belongs to male descendants only whereas Hava has no right to inherit. The eldest brother is obligated to find a husband for his sister. Hava must be married and live at her husband’s house.

The Carer

Short Film: (Saturday 7th October, 14:00). Part of the UK Short Film Programme – Ari, a sophisticated and urbane Gay man, moves into a care home and encounters Beau, the beautiful, heterosexual, illiterate former thief who is now his Carer. Their unlikely  meeting changes the future for both of them.